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Newsday_logoI was recently mentioned in on a pro bono project I worked on. The company provides RX Cards.

Here is a link to the article

I helped the company with their website production, basically the layout and wording and some conversion optimization. I also helped with how to present to potential partners and also provided ideas on marketing strategies.

The company provides the card for free, which is a great idea if you have the distribution. Problem is its a saturated market so distribution isnt easy. I provided some insight on how to partner with the larger companies to get the distribution, but its a lot of time and effort to close just one of those deals.

Fixing Huge Duplicate Content Issue for – Case Study

winesI just want to be clear that I am discussing the previous owners of The site was sold I believe in 2012.

As you would imagine, is a website that sells wine but also has a lot of content on wine. When I was contacted about this website, they told me their Google rankings were horrible. They just didn’t compete for the big terms their competitors were ranking for. Looking at the site for the first time, I like its design and layout. They had the ability for merchants and wineries to upload their content to the website to be sold. But in the end this was the downfall to the site and the start of their SEO problems.

Fixing a 62.27% Drop in Google Traffic – Case Study

I have seen many companies over the years all of a sudden lose a lot of traffic from Google, sometimes overnight. I met a company that has 3 websites and did over 1 billion page views last year. That is a great job for content sites today. They pump out a lot of content everyday, all unique and they get their content shared by some large news sites too. They have millions of real backlinks as well.

When I met them they had large drop in their Google traffic. They had some ideas on what it could be, but had been scratching their heads for about 6 months. They did make some changes to the sites, but weren’t 100% sure what the problem could be. When you have a problem like this, you have to look deep into the site, there aren’t any automated tools that are going to spit out an answer. You literally have to click around the site and see what you can find. Of course there are some tools that can help guide you, like Google Webmaster Tools, SEOmoz and other pieces of software that can show possible duplicate content issues or backlink problems, but you need to get your hands dirty for this type of problem.

How to Double Your Conversion Ratio – Case Study

double-converion-ratioConversion optimization is one of the most important pieces to the digital marketing puzzle. If you cannot convert your traffic then you are wasting your time and money. I have worked on many conversion campaigns over the years, but I wanted to show a case study where I was able to more than double a conversion rate. I am not able to go into detail on who the company is, but I can tell you that they are a credit report company, similar to

They generate leads on a pay per lead basis, so they pay only when a person enters their website and converts into a lead (fills out the forms). This company has many partners that drive traffic to their landing page and the partner gets paid when the traffic converts into a lead. Since this is their primary lead source, it is very important for them to make sure that the traffic converts.

Study Shows #1 on Google Equals 33% of Traffic

It has always been said #1 on Google is very important, but how important? There have been studies done over the years that show the click through rate of being #1. Some websites I have owned have seen click through rates for the #1 spot as high as 70%. Just comes down to the actual keyword and the type of traffic.

Chitika is an advertising network that actually works very well on content websites. I used them on some websites and they did increase revenue while using Google Adsense. They ran a new study and below is some interesting information. Here is a link to the actual study if you want to read it. The quick results are 33% of traffic click on the #1 position, then decreasing to 18% and of course it only goes down from there.

Press Releases to Rank Long-Tail Keywords on Google

press-release-long-tail-keywordsLong tail keywords are very important for your SEO strategy. There are many keywords that are over looked that you can easily rank for and grow your organic traffic. I made a video below that shows an example of how press releases can help gain Google exposure for long-tail keywords, build quality backlinks to your website and of course get some good press.

There are many ways to target long-tail keywords, but press releases make it very easy to get some easy rankings on Google. Reason is, you use very strong websites like and their distribution network. These press release gets distributed and picked up by other websites. It isn’t guaranteed that other news sites will publish your press release, so the release needs to be good with newsworthy content. If you do not have a company with a lot of news, there are ways to be creative to get some good press out there.

8 SEO Ecommerce Tips from a Decade of Experience

seo-tips-ecommerceI have been working on ecommerce sites for over a decade, mainly on client websites, but of course I had my own. I have seen many ecommerce sites fail over the years, for many different reasons. Below are the top 8 SEO tips that I could think of, that can easily turn a company around.

1. First you need to fully understand the SEO architecture and URL structure

Most companies look at SEO as the last thing they need to worry about, but really it needs to be the first thing you think about, along with creating your website. SEO and a website go together like a boy and his puppy. A lot of times sites are already launched and a company is on its way down the wrong path of SEO. This is usually a nightmare situation to try and fix.

5 Basic WordPress Plugins to Launch Website

wordpress-seoIf you are starting a new website, WordPress is the way to go. It is an easy way to launch a website and manage it for the future. Many companies want to be able to make basic changes to their site on the fly. They do not want to wait days for their webmaster to make changes or set things up. WordPress is great because the ease of use.

Another great reason to use WordPress is for SEO. If you want to get ranked on the first page of Google for your important keywords, then WordPress is by far the best way to go. There are 2 ways to use WordPress, allow to host the site for you or download the software from and use your own hosting company. I use for my WordPress hosting. You can host 200 websites on the same account for less than $10/mo.

How to Increase Email Marketing Click Through Rate (CTR)

I have worked with many companies that are bad at email marketing. Even some large brands have issues, so do not think the larger a company is the better off they are. As I write this one of the largest email companies can’t get emails into the inbox. Problems will always present themselves, but this post is about trying to increase your CTR rate so you can increase your conversions and sales from email.

11 Ways to Increase Email CTR

1.) Test your subject lines. CTR is often used in email marketing to refer specifically to the CTR of an offer in the body of your email. But you first need to get recipients to click into the email. Once you figured out how to deliver the email, start A/B testing the subject lines you are using. You have to stand out in your subject lines so make sure whatever you write about will “wow” people.

7 Ways to Build Your Personal Brand

Building a personal brand is very important. I work on my own brand every single day. Below are 7 ways to help build your own personal brand.

  1. Express genuine interest in your profession or industry. Great personal branders know passion is one of the most important aspects to creating a convincing and compelling professional identity. Before you even begin to brand yourself, make sure you’re focusing on something you truly love to do, or risk coming across as insincere.
  2. Know the importance of clarity and consistency. Communicating your personal brand clearly and consistently across all outlets ensures your audience knows exactly how you mark yourself. Great personal branders make this a habit so they can clearly demonstrate what they are and aren’t about.
  3. (more…)