What are Multi-Level Backlinks?

Multi-level backlinks might be a term you have not heard of yet. This is a unique way we have been building backlinks for about a year now. To start, lets look at the image below and understand what a backlink is. A backlink is a link pointing back to your website. For example, on your YouTube account you put a link to your website, that is a backlink. The more websites that have a link pointing towards your site means a lot to search engines. You can think of it as a popularity contest.

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Backlink Image

Now that we have a better understanding of a backlink, what is a multi-level backlink? Looking at the image below you will see a red ball, which represents your website. Then you see yellow balls which are the first level backlinks. So lets say you have a Twitter account and you tweet about your website and put a link to your website from your Twitter account. That would be a backlink from Twitter to your website. The reason for multi-level backlinks is to build the strength of your level 1 backlinks.

Now we move on to the blue balls that are pointing to the yellow balls. The sole purpose of the blue balls (level 2 of your backlinks) is to build the strength of the first level backlinks, the yellow balls. Lets say you wrote an article and uploaded it to an article website and in that article you put a link to your Twitter account. This will help build the strength of your Twitter account. Once your Twitter account becomes stronger (more backlinks and traffic), the search engines will increase the strength of it and now it becomes a stronger backlink for your website.

As you increase the strength of your backlinks, your website will become stronger.

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Multi-Level Backlinks

Now that you understand what multi-level backlinks are, how do you build them? That is the tricky part and isn’t the easiest thing to do.

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