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Money20/20 Vegas Conference

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Our Vegas trip to Money20/20 was great. Money20/20 is one of the largest financial conferences. I interviewed some lenders and they say there is a huge demand for brokers / ISOs. So anyone that started this business, this should help motivate you to keep at it because there is a lot of money to be made. For those of you …

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Income Proof

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On this page, I show videos that prove my income and I also provide some training videos. Watch all the videos and also watch my FREE Webinar to learn more about this business opportunity. I teach people how to become a lead generator and a business loan broker. I have been doing this business from home since 2014. I have …

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Interview With Brian

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I recorded a video conversation I had with Brian, who was my first student. Brian was the first person that I taught how to become a Business Loan Broker and eventually a Facebook Lead Generator. He made around $500,000 since he started. His lifestyle has completed changed. He is in contract to buy a new house, has brand new cars, …

7 Ways to Build Your Personal Brand

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Building a personal brand is very important. I work on my own brand every single day. Below are 7 ways to help build your own personal brand. Express genuine interest in your profession or industry. Great personal branders know passion is one of the most important aspects to creating a convincing and compelling professional identity. Before you even begin to …

Mini Sites or Authority Sites?

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What exactly is a mini-site? A mini-site will target a very specific keyword. So for example, if you are selling flowers, you can build, and so on. This will allow you to target that specific market much easier. Yes, it will take time to build the domain authority, but it’s much easier to reach the top of Google …

Guest Posting and Link Building

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When a blog allows someone else to write blog posts, that is guest posting. Of course the content needs to be unique and relevant. Guest blogging will provide quality one way backlinks and should increase quality traffic as well. Some tips are: Treat it as a privilege (because it is) – If I was a guest blogger I would feel …

How Can A Blog Help Your Business

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If your business website doesn’t have a blog, get one. A blog, if done right, can act as a direct and indirect mechanism that brings large amounts of qualified visitors to your site, many of whom may become customers. This is mostly related to the way blogs interact with search engines and the traffic I am speaking of will come …

Blog to get a job?

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What does it take to be successful at blogging and why do people blog? Some like to blog just to blog and have fun with it. Others blog to make money and then there are the ones that use it as a resume. With the bad economy, blogging to get a job is not a bad idea. The best advice …