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Money20/20 Vegas Conference

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Our Vegas trip to Money20/20 was great. Money20/20 is one of the largest financial conferences. I interviewed some lenders and they say there is a huge demand for brokers / ISOs. So anyone that started this business, this should help motivate you to keep at it because there is a lot of money to be made. For those of you …

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Income Proof

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On this page, I show videos that prove my income and I also provide some training videos. Watch all the videos and also watch my FREE Webinar to learn more about this business opportunity. I teach people how to become a lead generator and a business loan broker. I have been doing this business from home since 2014. I have …

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Philip Smith was Mentioned in

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I was recently mentioned in on a pro bono project I worked on. The company provides RX Cards. Here is a link to the article I helped the company with their website production, basically the layout and wording and some conversion optimization. I also helped with how to present to potential partners and also provided ideas on marketing strategies. …

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How to Double Your Conversion Ratio – Case Study

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Conversion optimization is one of the most important pieces to the digital marketing puzzle. If you cannot convert your traffic then you are wasting your time and money. I have worked on many conversion campaigns over the years, but I wanted to show a case study where I was able to more than double a conversion rate. I am not …

11 Product Page Conversion Optimization Strategies

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Shoppers come to a website not only with an intention to buy something, but to also learn, research and compare what you offer against what your competitors offer. When landing on a product page, shoppers need to have their informational needs met before they’ll even consider pulling the trigger on a purchase. This is where your product pages come in. …

Marketing Revenue and Banner Advertising

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Do you own a web site? Are you profiting from it? Even if you own a brick-and-mortar business, your website is still a powerful marketing and sales tool. This is a window where clients can learn about your business and also inspire them to purchase your product. Your site should also have banner advertising and marketing income as well! Please …