Want your website on top of Google for local search? I have helped many companies dominate their local market over the years…

The key to success for local marketing is to saturate your market. I am referring to having your website, micro-sites and videos all reach the top of Google. SEO or Internet marketing companies will charge thousands per month to get your website on page 1 Google for only 5-10 keywords. All they concentrate on is just getting those keywords to the top of Google and that is it. What happens after they are done? What most do not know is that just getting a couple of keywords to the top of Google will not generate revenue. You need to saturate your market, PLUS, you need to be a conversion machine.

I helped a cleaning business completely change their online presence. We built 23 micro-sites and they went from getting zero leads to getting leads every single day. Again, the key is to saturate your local market with content, PLUS, convert the traffic into leads.

Watch the videos below that show proof of success. Who is this service for? ANY local business… florists, lawyers, insurance agencies, banks, restaurants.


Blue Star Jets – 1,000 Keywords Google UK London Fog – 1,000 keywords Michigan Romeo’s Catering – 1,000 keywords Queens, NY
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