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Do you need help with your Internet marketing? Having trouble getting your website on first page Google, not getting the most out of social media, maybe you want to monetize a website or increase your conversions? If you need help with your Internet marketing and would like either training or to outsource the work, feel free to contact me. In the meantime, below are some training videos… try to learn as much as you can and take control of your own online success.

I started making these videos to help people with their Internet marketing. There is way too much bad  information online when it comes to Internet marketing, it really is information overload. I try to make the videos short and get to the point. It is the 80/20 rule, so I try to concentrate on the 20% of the information that will actually help you.

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Click on the images below to watch the video. If you have trouble viewing the videos, click here to see a list of the titles in my blog.

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Video Marketing 101 Keyword Research 101
Keyword Density 101
Reputation Management
Local SEO 101
$30k with Long-Tail Keywords
Video SEO 101
Do NOT Over SEO Your Site
OnlyWire Review
How to Monetize a Site
Internal Linking 101
Onsite SEO 101